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Brendan T. Smith recently completed work toward a Professional Writing degree at The University of Oklahoma, a degree which the school spitefully decided to label "Bachelor of Arts in Journalism" instead, but he tries not to let that phase him.

He is currently taking a break from, well, pretty much everything, to work on personal projects and figure out what in the world he wants to do with himself.

That's code for "take a much-deserved break for a while and then find a job somewhere".

During his time at OU, he was employed for a semester and a summer at as the Online Editor and worked at for about a year. The summer prior, he worked as a writer for the Arts and Entertainment section where he had a number of reviews and other such articles published.

For some reason, he has continually been drawn to blogging for many years and has maintained a frightening number of personal web sites and blogs in an attempt to share his writing and opinions with no one in particular. The majority of his writing centers around the subject of video games, a topic which he is perhaps overly familiar with, but he has written about music, technology, books, politics, and many other random things as the mood and opportunity strike him.

In high school, he even contributed to a web site called The Player's Guild which he likes to think was fanastically ambitious for the time and actually became relatively successful, despite all odds. He played a catch-all role that included planning, writing, copy editing, setting due dates, manning the forums, and other random duties.

Reprising the theme of a friendly web site venture with friends is Robot Bomb, where he currently acts as section editor for video games (what else?) as well as a frequent writer for multiple sections.

His interests are varied (perhaps too much so) and include writing, reading, listening to music, playing far too many video games, and spending time with his beloved iMac.

He has struggled constantly with the eternal quandry of how to make his ever-present sarcasm come across clearly via the medium of text. It is a battle he has little hope of winning, but will enjoy continuing for as long as possible.


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