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Tales from Reach: Death from Above

Whilst exploring the vast expanses of the planet Reach, my cute little Spartan caught the daredevil bug and decided it would be fun to jump off of a cliff. At first I just thought she was nuts. Maybe the beautiful view had overloaded her brain with too much pretty and she just couldn’t take it any more?

It was certainly a nice view all right. Well, except for the looming inevitable doom represented by the Covenant ships hanging in the background. But besides that very pretty.

It didn’t take me long to figure out what she was after, however. At the bottom of the cliff could be spotted the orange outline of an Elite, minding his own business, probably being bored because he hadn’t killed anything in quite long enough. 

She wanted to assassinate the bastard. From the top of the cliff.

You might be able to tell that’s a mighty tall cliff she’s working from there. For the sake of Ms. Spartan’s pride, let’s just say the first attempt didn’t go so well.

Neither did the second.

Or the third. No, she’s not practicing Yoga, unfortunately. At least, not unless there’s a variant of Yoga that requires your spine to be severed in at least three different places.

She did get to take out her frustration on one particularly fun attempt where she managed to knee the Elite square in the head before becoming a molten metal pancake on the ground. 

I think she was just goofing off for the camera in the shot below, to be quite honest. Unless she was unconscious by the time this shot was taken. It's hard to tell.

But finally, after countless failed attempts and enough broken bones to leave even this genetically modified super soldier a crippled mess for the rest of her lifetime, she got was she was after. From a hundred feet above on a sheer cliff, she dove off of the side and aimed her skilled leap just perfectly so as to catch the poor, unsuspecting Covenant bastard right in the back for a perfect assassination from above. 

It was pretty glorious. I can see why she was so insistent. 

I hope she’s gotten it out of her system, though. It was fun and all, but we’ve got a planet to save here, you know.

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