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Daily Contemplation: Kindle getting page numbers

Kindle owners can apparently look forward to an upcoming software update that will bring them, among other things, real page numbers.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can bring so much joy.

Kindle users have long had to deal with the incomprehensible "location" system that attempts to manage the fact that, technically speaking, digital books don't actually have pages. It does so poorly. When was the last time you referenced where you were in a book on your Kindle by the location? Did you leave off at location 3567 or 4216? 

Don't get too excited, though. Amazon has apparently decided to abandon those users unlucky enough to have enjoyed their Kindle for more than a year or so. In a lousy, lazy move one can only imagine is designed to drive sales of recent Kindles, the page number convenience will come only to those who have the most recent generation of Kindle device.

Lame, Amazon. Really lame. 

No word yet on whether it will ever come to older devices, but my guess is they're out of luck. Then again, the features will be appearing in other Kindle apps, such as the iOS version, so maybe there is still hope.

Read more about the upcoming update at Macworld.

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