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Rammstein in Las Vegas

I'm going to break with my normal tradition and post something a little more personal here. Don't worry, I'm not going all weepy emo kid on you. I'm just posting a few videos I took at a recent concert. The band is one very dear to me, Rammstein, and was the subject of two cross-country road trips in one month.

Yeah, I'm a little nuts about them.

Anyway, I took some video of the second of their concerts I saw and I think it actually came out rather well. Hardly DVD quality or anything, but for a spur-of-the-moment video I didn't expect to be at all watchable I'm fairly proud of them, despite the few instances of me woo-ing and mucking up the audio or rocking out too hard and producing shaky video.

Sue me, I was having fun.

Anyway, should you have an interest in such things, here's everything I shot. A few at the top are clips. Also, just for the record, the videos farther on are a bit better as I figured out how to trick the focus into not blowing out the lighting so much.

Waidmanns Heil

Weisses Fleisch (Clip) (<-- Flake dance!)

Feuer Frei (Clip)

Wiener Blut (Clip) (<-- Exploding laser babies!)

Ich tu dir weh


Du Hast (<-- Upside down fire!)

Engel (<-- Epic finale)

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