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Dreamcast Links

I ran across a number of different Dreamcast articles online whilst in the midst of my own recent Dreamcast nostalgia.  I thought I'd pass some of them along and share the joy.

Gamasutra posted a fascinating seven-page article entitled "The Rise And Fall Of The Dremcast," which is exactly that.  Well worth a read for any Dreamcast fan.

Peter Moore, one of the key executives at Sega during the early days of the Dreamcast, posted his thoughts on the little white console, its impact, and his experiences working at Sega.  He provides a very interesting inside perspective.

Giant Bomb did nine of their always entertaining Quick Look videos over notable or entertaining Dreamcast titles in celebration of the anniversary.  ChuChu Rocket, Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, Shenmue, Samba de Amigo, Typing of the Dead, Virtua Tennis, and Power Stone 2 are all given a run through.  Typing of the Dead is embedded below.  You're highly advised to check out the rest in the link above.

Giant Bomb also found this wickedly disturbing ChuChu Rocket commercial.  Watch it at your own peril.  

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