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Rayman Jungle Run: Bite-sized review

It's hard to do platforming right on iOS. Touchscreen controls tend to make the intricate movements necessary for the genre difficult, rendering most attempts frustrating and imprecise. Rayman has successfully boiled down the core of the genre into a game that can be played with a single finger tap, yet feels no less interesting or challenging as a result. This is a magnificent use of a limited control scheme, and, especially considering the gorgeous art style, should quickly become a go to example for what gaming on iOS can do. Its relatively limited length will likely leave you wanting more, but this is mostly because what's there is so good. You won't see me complaining for the price. Don't be fooled by the relatively simple beginning. There is challenge in store for the platforming aficionado if you stick it out to the end. By mixing a little bit of Canabalt with proper console Rayman level design and art style, Ubisoft has created an iOS platformer worthy of its console brethren. My only criticism is that, as a new iPhone 5 owner, I'd love to see it support my new larger screen. I'm simply spoiled by my new toy though. Buy and enjoy.